Glendale Home


About Our Residents

Glendale Home is a home for 52 residents (27 males and 25 females) of various ages and with a range of intellectual, genetic, psychiatric, social and physical capabilities and functioning, as well as people on the autistic spectrum that require full-time care.   

Over the years the focus has been on getting to know the residents, their families and friends, health and psychosocial needs, wishes and aspirations.


More than half of the residents display behaviours that would be classified as (according to the definition of challenging behaviours) challenging for care staff, professionals, family, fellow residents and community.


The Glendale Home holistic approach to care is person centred and places emphasis on promoting self-respect, dignity, choice, respect, autonomy and independence, skills development (social, emotional and motor), a sense of family, friends and community, meaningfulness (a connection to the world that has a meaning to the individual; an emphasis on individuality), stable and safe environment and most importantly recognition of an individuals’ wishes, aspirations and uniqueness. 

Each resident has a unique personality with their own sense of humour and peculiar routines that are important to them. 


In addition, our residents are aging and their mobility, health, cognition, capabilities and functioning are deteriorating. Despite these challenges, the residents love going on outings, participating in community projects, having visitors and family members around. They further enjoy their newly renovated home with its peaceful grounds and upgraded garden (including veggie garden).

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