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Our Story

Glendale Home began from humble beginnings in November 1966. A group of concerned people recognised the need for a home for the Jewish intellectually disabled. The original house, now known as the Homestead, was renovated and adapted through the generous sponsorship of the Montague, Rose and Stanley Freeman Trust.


As Community awareness grew, it became clear that the homestead residential facilities were far too limited and in 1971 a major building project was embarked upon. This formed the foundation of the existing home as it is known today. In 1986 owing to increasing demand, an additional wing was built.



To provide the most appropriate care environment, promoting active participation of all stakeholders while encompassing the enhancement of hard and soft infrastructure for all residents and day visitors to Glendale that is consistent with Global BEST practices for the care of persons with Intellectual Disability.

To offer a range of services that encompasses residential care, day care, vocational experience, social interaction and primary health care support for residents and visitors while promoting community and family involvement.

To align with benchmark frameworks from World Health Organization and thought leading organisations for evaluating activities of daily living requirements and providing appropriate facilities and professional support.


  • Promoting the holistic approach to well-being of residents at Glendale to enable them to exercise their fundamental rights
  • To operate a safe haven for intellectually vulnerable persons and the persons who contribute to their care and support through
  • Safeguarding the human rights of residents at Glendale thereby empowering them to lead safe and healthy lives
  • Ensuring that residents are treated in ways that correspond to their needs through the promotion of universal access, empowering them to lead healthier lives

Core Values

Dignity – A bundle of rights and freedoms ensuring that all individuals are treated with respect and remain free to pursue their own hopes and dreams


Respect for the Dignity of Persons – protects each individual from potential abusive practices, bodily infringements, and mental harms. Respect for dignity is also a consistent theme in human rights


Human Dignity – everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.

Strategic Imperatives

Glendale strives to:

  • Provide world class services through the alignment of facility management practices and care plans with proven BEST practice
  • Improve the quality of life of persons living with disabilities residing at Glendale through the implementation of world class care plans in the most appropriate environment
  • Promote societal integration for all residents of Glendale – through partnerships with partner organisations within and outside of JCC
  • Support an environment that encourages ongoing stimulation for growth and development
  • Continually promote and support all facets of diversity within and across all operations for all persons at all times.
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