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Back row:  Left to Right - Zuzana (Manager of Residential Care) and Irving (Director)
Front row: Left to Right - Kathleen, Patricia, Christine, Sally and Ashleen (Shumaria - not present)

5 of our carers received Long Service certificates for outstanding service to Glendale Home, presented by Irving.  

Patricia - 10 Years
Christine - 10 Years
Sally - 10 Years
Ashleen - 10 Years 
Kathleen - 20 Years 
Shumaria - 30 Years

We are so grateful for the love and care that they,
and all the other carers, give to our residents daily!


There is always much excitement amongst the residents' on the 3rd Sunday of each month, when they celebrate their fellow residents birthdays - we host a
party, and serve cake, snacks and provide entertainment!

The residents particularly enjoy the company of visitors on these occasions.

On Sunday, 20 January 2019, we had the energetic Gabriel Shei entertain our
residents, staff and guests.  This was wonderful entertainment - he sang beautiful songs and everyone had the opportunity to dance and sing!

We celebrated the following residents birthday this month:
Charles Brand
Jonathan Pick
Simone Derman
Dina Zuckerman
Larry Levin


Wynberg Park - 4 January 2019

The residents went on an outing to Wynberg Park park for fresh air, 
sun and exercise.
They socialised with each other and with others visiting the park, and played games.

UCT Walk About - 10 January 2019 

The residents went on a walk around the UCT campus.

They got a good explaination of the campus and its history from our very own Social Worker, Jonathan Hoffenberg, who worked there for many years.

The residents listened carefully to the information and the stories told to them.


As it has been lovely weather the residents, over the last few weeks, have been enjoying some down time in the pool.

They get exercise and have fun in the sun each one making use of the pool in their own way. Some of them swim laps and others sit in the cool water and enjoy the atmosphere.

Studio 3

From 4 - 5 October 2018, the Glendale Staff received training in Studio 3.

Studio 3 provides "high quality evidence based training in the
specialist field of managing aggressive and challenging behaviour. Studio 3
is renowned for the development of Low Arousal Approaches to managing
behaviour throughout the UK and Europe. South Africa has been introduced to
these new and effective approaches to managing a variety of challenging

In December 2018, Zuzana, our Manager of Residential Care,  underwent
further training and is now qualified as a Studio 3 trainer. 


Monthly message from Jonathan, our Social Worker

There is the saying “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” which relates to the Trojan Horse, but at Glendale Home we are grateful for gifts but we must follow protocol.

Residents enjoy gifts of food and clothing but as a home it is vital that we know what each resident is bringing in.  We ask that these items get logged with the senior carer who may ask to keep them until they can be properly handed out.

Food that is not declared, as per the above, can be a problem as some of our residents like to hoard and hide items.   

If food is provided to residents, without adhering to the correct procedure, then food kept in the rooms can cause ants and other pests.  Food can also be unsuitable, even dangerous, in terms of being a choking hazards or, in the case of residents with diabetes, a health hazard.  In addition, some foods can conflict with medication.  We also need to emphasise that all food must be kosher. 

Lastly, in the case of clothing and other non-perishable items, please liase with the senior carer, and inform them if residents receive gifts so that we can enter these into the resident's personal inventory.
All clothing gets labelled immediately in order to avoid getting mixed up and lost in the laundry.

Having said all of the above, we do appreciate all donations of goods but hope you appreciate our need to handle all items that we receive responsibly. 

 Many thanks and wishing you a great month


Sister Beverley Kaylor 
Manager of nursing sisters

Sister Kaylor is qualified as a Registered Nurse, and is a Medical Manager at Glendale Home.

She is born and bred in Cape Town, and studied to be a professional nurse.

We are grateful to have her apart of our team - she has been employed at Glendale Home for 13 years.  Her role includes managing 4 registered nurses  and is responsible for all the medication for the residents.

With her kind and gentle soul, all our nurses and residents are in wonderful care, under her supervision.

February 2019 Shul visits

02.02.2019  -  Temple Israel, Wynberg
09.02.2019  -  Ohr Sameach
16.02.2019  -  Claremont
23.01.2019  -  Gardens

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