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A day at the Beach
December is the start of the summer season! What a lovely opportunity it was
for our residents and carers to enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air, by
visiting the beach!

They went to Fish Hoek for the day, and we able also to enjoy the scenic drive
getting there.

It was a wonderful treat for the residents to have an opportunity to spending
time away from home for a few hours.  

Some enjoyed walking, whilst some prefered to sit and relax and engage with the
passing public.  Some even braved the water and got their toes wet, 

Splashing around in the water is an especially enjoyable sensory

The trip was a well-deserved break to end of the year.

A tribute to Rachel Shapiro

Rachel Shapiro was born on 24 November 1950 and admitted to Glendale
06 April 1984.
She passed away on Wednesday 12 December 2018.

She lived an easygoing life at the Home. Although a private person, she spoke very kindly of people close to her and had her favourites, who she interacted with on a daily basis.

She was a very loveable person who enjoyed singing and her laughter made others smile or laugh too.
She loved her carers, especially her dedicted carer, Felicity Samuels, and saw them as family.

She will be greatly missed at the Home. We extend our condolences to her family.  

A resident’s tribute

One of Rachel’s unit companions remembers her to be always curious and
looking for mischief.
“We used to sit and watch TV together. She was my neighbour and I miss her already.”

Monthly message from Jonathan, our Social Worker

The holiday season is upon us with all its good
and bad. I feel it is always a time of paradoxes, a time where everywhere
holidays and traditions are displayed, heard, and in the public eye.  It
is a time for family, for sharing, for presents, and for abundance, but it is
also a time that reminds us of those no longer with us, how some things cannot
be shared, how things can be tight, difficult and a time of loss.

Please take care of yourselves, please be compassionate and kind to yourselves,
and please take some time to reflect. Our residents yearn for visits, outings,
and treats; but try not feel guilty if you cannot meet those needs - any
contact counts, even a phone call over the holidays. The paradox of having to
care for the self to be able to care for others.

'Sharing is caring' they say but oversharing can be damaging. At this time of
the year when emotions can be strained and there is a need to vent, I am reminded
of an incident that happened at the last party where one of the residents
became overwhelmed and was observed by some of the guests who had wandered into
his unit.  Please be aware that confidentiality, compassion, and dignity
are important to us throughout the year, but around this time we have many
family and friends coming to take residents out. Please respect the privacy and
dignity of the residents who remain at the home; who might be vulnerable at
this time.

The interface between our residents and the outside world is a complex
one.  It necessetates having rules that enable our care to be delivered
with consistency, for example, we insist on scripts before dispensing any time
of medication, we need to be informed when family and friends bring gifts so
that these can be properly recorded and looked after. 

Happy holidays to you all and a good new year.


 Jonathan Hoffernberg
Social Worker
Jonathan was born in Haifa, but grew up in Johannesburg before moving to Cape Town and attending UCT in 1988. He worked as a chef and went on to run a cooking school in Kwa Langa in the mid 90’s before returning to UCT in 2000 and retraining as a Social Worker. He worked with awaiting trial prisoners in prisons, UCT student development and finally spent ten years overseeing the SHAWCO education projects.

He has an Honours in Social Work, and has been in private practice since 2017. He works 08:00 to 13:00 at Glendale offering psychosocial support to residents, staff, and family. His role is a general one encompassing the psychological glue that holds the home together as well as much loved reports and interactions with Department of Social Development.

He has a wife and three sons and lives in Wynberg.

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