Glendale News – October 2017

Getting out and about!

It’s been a month full of outings and adventures for the Glendale residents…

This last month was jam-packed with extra special outings, starting with a visit to Constantia Primary where our residents were invited to go and see the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was such a treat for everyone who attended and they all loved the show – so much so, that they can’t wait for the next one! Huge thanks to Mandy Goldberg at Herzlia Constantia for organising such a wonderful jaunt.

Another big day was the 1 to 1 event, which was held at the Cape Town stadium this year. This is something that our residents always look forward to and they were thrilled to be a part of this amazing experience. There was a fantastic turnout, with people coming from all over to enjoy a day of fun and games. And our residents had a blast playing games, winning prizes and even enjoying a Harley ride or two!  

Of course the highlight of the month was the annual Montagu Trip! A loaded bus left Glendale and our residents couldn’t wait to arrive at the Avalon Springs, where they were generously welcomed. They spent three wonderful days relaxing, swimming in the hot springs and having fun – plus they even managed to squeeze in a tractor ride too! Our residents join us in thanking everyone who made this amazing trip possible.

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